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The fees charged are often unknown and poorly understood, and as a result they can appear arbitrary. It's normal to wonder how much a procedure will cost, and the Lawyer has a duty to provide information and be transparent. It's important to make matters clear from the start. That is why I, personally, discuss my fees the first time a client visits my firm. There are three categories of fees:

  • Fees based on time spent:
    All of the time spent on a matter is billed at an hourly rate agreed upon by the Lawyer and client, including travel time and time spent waiting for a hearing or on the phone.
  • Flat rate fees:
    A flat rate may be offered for certain matters (divorce by mutual consent, change of matrimonial regime, etc.).
  • Success fees:
    In certain specific areas (physical injury suffered by victims, estate distribution, etc.) I may agree to charge based on success, in combination with a fixed fee.
  • Legal assistance:
    For persons with limited resources, my firm may accept to provide full or partial legal assistance.