Specializing in
Personal Law, Family Law and Estate Law

Maître Jacquinod Carry

  • A graduate of the Faculty of Law of NICE (ALPES MARITIMES),
  • CAPA (Professional Lawyer’s Certificate).
  • Sworn in at the Court of Appeal of AIX-EN-PROVENCE.
  • A specialist in Personal Law, Family Law and Estate Law, and a holder of a Certificate of Specialization in Personal Law awarded by the Law School of LYON – EDA.
  • Member of the National Association of Lawyers Specialists and Patricians in Personal, Family and Heritage Law.
  • A Qualified Professional (new function introduced by Article 255-9 of the Civil Code) Diploma awarded by the Nord-Ouest Professional Training Centre for Lawyers, Faculty of Law of LILLE. A Qualified Professional is appointed by the Family Court in divorce procedures to conduct an estimated inventory or make proposals for the settlement of the spouses’ financial interests, including the preparation a draft statement of liquidation and the provision of an opinion on the assessment of a compensatory allowance.
  • Mediator training certificate issued by Institut Armédis (PARIS)
  • Registered at the Bar of NICE.
  • Then registered at the Bar of ANNECY.
  • A former member of the Bar Council: Creation of the Family Law Committee and chairing of this committee.
  • A member of the Family and Estate Law Institute. This research and training institute is dedicated to the exchange and sharing of knowledge and the advancement of legal techniques. It aims to serve as a hub for reflection and proposals on all matters relating to Family and Estate Law. The institute is open to lawyers with proven competence in these fields who strive to provide high-quality technical and human services.
  • Trained in collaborative law and participatory procedure. A member of the Association of Collaborative Law Practitioners (APDC), a national association of professionals trained in and practicing Collaborative Law.
  • A member of the National Association of Lawyers practicing as court-appointed receivers (ANMJ). As a Qualified Professional, I can be appointed by the Family Court to draw up an expert’s report on a financial situation in order to enable the Court to rule on the financial consequences of separation, in particular for the assessment of the compensatory allowance.

Maître Pauline BATLOGG

  • Associate,
  • Sworn in at the Court of Appeal of ANNECY in January 2019.